Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Comfy and fun for the feet.

I really am intrigued by these sock boots.
Above:Intarsia Over the Knee Boot in Grey/Black by Gypsy 05

They just look so casual and comfy. They are, basically, the slipper boot taken to a higher level of cool.

Above: Side view of boots.

I love that the design on the boots has the black stripe to divide the front design from the back.

Above: Back view.

I love the knit style and the solid sole so that you can truly wear them out and about on your casual dressing days. I would so buy them if I had the money for them right now.

And somewhat related (Hey, we are talking fashion for the feet that is comfy after all!), I found the moccasins I wore as a kid being sold at

Above: Thunderbird II Moccasin Flats (Brown) by Minnetonka

Of course, my childhood moccasins were more orange in the brown colour scheme and did not have a rubber sole.

My childhood moccasins had the true moccasin leather sole that ended up being worn through after being worn shiny from walking around in them constantly. They also were not good for walking on rocky or pebbly ground because I felt every little thing on the pavement through the soles. So, the rubber sole addition is a good thing.

They did have the eagle bead design on them just like the modern version does.

Above: Close-up of eagle design.

I think if I were to get them now, I would go for the grey suede version.

Above: Thunderbird II Moccasin Flats (Grey) by Minnetonka

Just my own colour preference speaking here. They are still affordable at  $40,00 which is pretty good when my childhood pair were bought for around $15.00 at a cowboy/western boot store in Pocatello, Idaho in the early 1980s.

If you want to grab a pair they come in many suede colours and I am sure they are just as comfy as they were when I wore them as a child.

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