Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fashion Wish: Grandma's Shoulder Bag

I was wandering across the Internet and came across the reminder of a fashion item I would love to add to my wardrobe.

Do you remember the very cool, sturdy, leather; handbags/purses that grandmothers (or women the age of grandmothers) have in their closets and bring out for dress up occasions? Clutches, beaded bags, leather bags, and woven handbags all of beautiful quality?

Well, my grandma had a leather shoulder bag when I was a kid that always fascinated me and that she would even let me play with a little when I visited her house. It looked similar this one:

Above: Black polished calf shoulder bag by Prada

I think that my grandma's bag was with silver metal instead of the gold-tone on the Prada bag. It also had a reptile patterning to the patent leather. Still, it was in this style and I loved it.

Now, I wish I had that bag to carry when I head out for dressy events but not really dressed up, or even when I head out to shopping. My grandma died two years ago and the bag seems to have been long ago given to the Goodwill since it was not in her things anymore.

It makes me wish I had asked her if I could have it as a child since she tended to pass on things like this to me when she decided to get rid of them. It may not have stayed in my possession since she probably would have given it to me to "play with", like the fur capes she had, and it would have been destroyed in play or my mum would have given it to Goodwill after I stopped playing with toys.

Now, I am in search of a shoulder bag like this, that is in my price range, and am coming up empty-handed. The Prada is too spendy for me and it just does not seem to be the year for classic styled bags, of real leather, that are not taking a huge chunk out of the bank account.

I wish I had grandma's shoulder was a thing of sleek beauty.

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