Sunday, April 04, 2010

DSW Adventures...There Will Be Blood!

I finally got out to the new DSW store in town. Yes, I live in a town that does not usually get normal chain fashion stores so this was a new place to go to. I had taken a peek at DSW online and decided it was worth checking out. So, I told my mum we were going, we got dressed up a little (Fun Tip: in smaller cities/towns if you dress up, you usually get better service from the sales clerks who think you have tons of cash to spend.), and we went.

I have to admit, I was a bit bored with the selection of shoes they had at our local store. I don't know if this is the same everywhere but the local store had really bland shoes, bland colour offerings, and the most expensive pair were $75. I know stores, even the chain stores, cater to the local buyers  (as I have mentioned in past posts) but come on, not everyone wants shoes like a soccer mom would buy! Most of the shoes would have fit in perfectly at Walmart. I was disappointed.

I did find some cool shoes though my quest for the perfect clogs came up empty at this store. I bought these sandals:

Above: Shauna Woven Suede Wedge in Beige by Mia

They are surprisingly comfortable and they run REALLY big. I usually wear size 8 or 81/2 and had to buy size 7, so the sizing is definitely off. They only had them offered in the beige (which is more grey than beige), black, and a tan colour at the local store, but I can see on the site they have blue and orange (a reddish orange) as well. I was walking around on the carpet to test them out at the store, and inspired 2 other people to get them once they saw them on someone's feet. I cannot wait to wear them out and about but until it warms up again (we had snow flurries yesterday), they reside by my bed.

I had a freak shoe trying on accident while at DSW yesterday. I was wandering around with one shoe off (like many other people in the store) and ended up in need of first aid.

I was trying on these shoes

Above: With A Twist Patent Sandal by Kelly & Kate

I was trying to decide between the fuchsia (red) and blue since green was not offered as a colour choice at the store. The kitten heels were just cute and they looked great with the flared jeans I had on. I made the clumsy mistake of dropping the shoe and the edge of the heel hit my toe. Cue MASSIVE amounts of blood pouring form the divot of skin that the heel gouged out of my toe.

I scrambled to find a Kleenex in my purse to stop the bleeding as my toe dripped on the DSW carpet. Sales clerks looked at me, looked at what was happening, and then acted like they hadn't seen the blood or my scramble to stop it from bespotting their carpet.

*Makes note: DSW sales clerks SUCK!*

I finally found a Kleenex and pressed it to my toe, fumbled for my cell phone, and called my mum who was in the back of the store. I think I said something like "Mum, I am near the front of the store. I dropped a shoe on my toe. It cut my toe. I am bleeding all over the carpet." She rushed to the front of the store, found me, and was lucky in having a Band-Aid in her purse. I put the Band-Aid on the bleeding toe, put my shoes (which rubbed against the cut) back on, and then we dabbed at the blood drops on the carpet while sales clerks blatantly ignored us. Yes, they looked at what we were doing and then looked away in obvious disinterest.

I ended up hobbling to the register to buy my Mias and the register girl asked why I was limping. I explained what happened and her only response?

"That sucks to be you."

WTF? I explain what happened, that I dripped blood on your store's carpet due to the accident, and you just say, "Sucks to be you?" and happily go back to ringing up sales? Sales clerk FAIL. Actually more than one sales clerk fail if you count the dim bulbs on the sales floor that saw the whole thing and ignored what was happening.

So, I m not too happy with the DSW offerings since the shoes were "safe" styles, safe colours (overwhelmingly black, white, grey, blue in colour everywhere), and really bad sales clerks who acted bored (if anything else) despite someone injuring themselves and bleeding on their carpet. I am not sure how soon I will go back there because the shopping experience wasn't all that fun even before I got injured.


WendyB said...

Wow, you really get what you pay for, including sales clerks!

SnapandPrint said...

Spokane is notorious for bad service in any type of store be it DSW, Macys, or McDonalds. Why I dress up when I shop now because I get the sales clerk who does do their job latching on to me thinking I have money to spend so they are extra helpful, usually. DSW is just full of those bored looking teenage sales clerks. All just waiting until their work time is up and looking glassy, bored, eyed.

I am going to write corporate in this instance and complain I think.