Thursday, April 08, 2010

Quick Update Going Into The Weekend.

I have a feeling this is going to be a quiet week and weekend when it comes to my blogging and me.

I have a photo shoot scheduled for Saturday with hopes that the forecast holds and the rains stay away. Here in eastern Washington, it is iffy when it comes to weather since we are smack dab in the middle of an area that gets all sorts of changes in the fronts (cold and warm) since they meet here. We also get any moisture that backs up in clouds trying to get over the mountains of northern Idaho. So, if we get that sunny/semi-cloudy day on Saturday...I will be having my photo shoot. My model has been on standby and I want to get it going before they grow bored and decide not to pose for me.

This means, if the shoot goes on as planned, I will be editing photos into the beginning of next week. I am happy to be busy and looking forward to that. I just probably, will not be posting as frequently during this time. I shall return though.

I have to mention that I did write the corporate office of DSW to complain about the customer service in their Spokane, WA store. I just was irked by the "Sucks to be you." comment I got when explaining the issue I had while in the store to the sales clerk at the register. It is just bad customer service and I don't stand for that. So, I emailed the corporate offices with the store of my experience.

They responded within 2 days and it was very "automated form letter" in style. I really doubt that anything will be done about the situation and I highly doubt I will be stepping foot in DSW in Spokane ever again. The shoe selection and the sales clerks were that bad.

I am a bit bummed this weekend to not being seeing Jónsi in concert in Seattle. I just cannot get over there and no one I know wants to go. I am telling myself that the photo shoot will liven up the weekend and distract me from my disappointment of not going to the concert. I will be purchasing his new CD "go" and listening to it to distract me and lift my spirits.

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