Monday, April 12, 2010

Floral Pretty Things.

I didn't get to do the photoshoot I had planned for yesterday. It was just blah when it came to weather most the day and then, after I canceled the shoot, it was sunny. Go figure. I have rescheduled the shoot for next weekend and hope all goes well. It will not be canceled because I am seriously tired of that stagnant feeling my life has and I need to get working on something. It will help my peace of mind.

I am in the middle of a "blue funk" which will probably only last a few days. Things just seem to be negative from all areas of my life at the moment and it makes it a little hard to get excited about fashion. I am sure this feeling will pass soon.

I did see this ring and find it gorgeous:

Above: Enamel and brass flower ring by Chloe

I love it and it is so pretty and eye-catching, while not being outlandish. Perfect for those days when I want a little something extra for my outfit. I just wish I could afford the $205 price tag.

Above: On the hand.

I have feeling I will be looking around and if I find a cheaper, similar, ring with the same look, I may be tempted to buy it.

I also loved the brooch version of the flowers:

Above: Silver-plated flower brooch by Chloe

It is beautiful but I would never wear it. I own many brooches that have been passed down to me through my grandma and never wear them. Brooches are just not something that I can work into my wardrobe and outfit making. They tend to get caught on things and I always end up sticking myself on them when I wear them. They are just not "me" though I can admire them on other people and on websites.

That has me thinking: Is there an item of clothing/accessory/shoe/jewelry that you admire from afar but would never wear? If so, what is it? I am curious.


WendyB said...

I think that if I admire it, I wear it!

SnapandPrint said...


I like people who are like that, just wear it if they love it.

I just know there are soem things I woud never wear if I bought them so I would basically be "hording them". Brooches fall into that catagory. :)

Sixties60style said...

There are so many things I cannot wear due to age, geography (New England) and body. But I love to look, and try to take an idea and turn it into something age appropriate. Being from a fashion background I am a bit more daring than the average person, but still, 61? That's too old to be sporting leather shorts! Haha But they are really cool to look at!