Tuesday, February 23, 2010

First A Shoe Shopper Rant And Then Shoe Goodness.

I think I will a start this blog post off with a rant. Remember these shoes I mentioned in the last blog post I made?

I was hoping to track them down at the local Payless Shoe Source and try them on to see if they suited me. I turn up at the store and they don't have ANYTHING like them. Just tons of crappy styles like THIS and THIS.

I asked the sales clerk about if they were going to get any and he said, and I quote, "Yeah, we saw those on the website too and we are not getting them because, well, it is Spokane you know."

WTF?!?!?! What kind of lame ass excuse is that? So, because we are Spokane (which has a population of around 540,000 just within the city limits by the way and about another 250,000 within the suburbs) we don't get cool shoes and styles that are openly offered on the Payless website? Yeah, way to be stupid Spokane Payless. I really cannot wait to move away at this point.

Also, yes, I know I can buy them online and save shipping and handling by having them delivered to your store. The problem? How will I know what size is right for me (8 or 81/2) and if they fit me correctly? And if I have them shipped to your store, you KNOW you won't call me when they come in because that is how Spokane works. So, the whole buying them online, most likely, will not work out.

I am so pissed off and reminded yet again why Spokane sucks for anyone who has a progressive mindset.

I was happy yesterday when the UPS man delivered the Pumas I ordered for myself as a Christmas gift (using Christmas money). These ones:

The best thing? They fit!!!!! They fit my feet perfectly and are so comfortable to wear now that they are broken in. They also are not as "dayglo" as the websites made them look.

The purple is satin-y in material, the pink wave is patent leather and not as bright as the "dayglo" shoelaces which is fine with me. The best thing about the colours? They go well with all my dark wardrobe pieces as well as my blue jeans. So, they were an excellent buy for me and I will be switching them off with my older green and yellow coloured tennis shoes.

I also wore the shoes that were gifted to me at Valentine's Day by my mum for the first time today.

I wore them with socks, yes I know I know, socks with sandals, ick! It is still winter though the sun is shining outside and so socks were worn. I am not one who suffers for the sake of fashion.

They are pretty comfortable but, I could tell that if I did a huge amount of walking in them the balls of my feet would feel a bit pained. The heel is a bit extreme in angle without a lot of padding in the balls of the feet so, I will not be using these as "walking sandals".I do like them and will enter them into my "shoe's I wear" rotation.

So, today was filled with shoe shopper angst and shoe owner love. A bit of the ying and yang so that it balanced out.


WendyB said...

Those sneakers are sooooo cute.

SnapandPrint said...

Wendy, They are cute and comfortable which is a good combo!

Anonymous said...

aww i love shoes. the sneakers & wedges both look great :)

SnapandPrint said...

I am deciding the shoes were just not meant to be. They don't have them in my size anymore on the site and I doubt they have them at the two other Payless locations in town if the closest was so negative on having them in Spokane.