Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Attack Of The Inner Shoe Girl: Part 2

My love for shoes has been stoked by my travels around  the Internet this week. Everywhere I travel online, I see shoes I would love to own. The most recent?

Above: Canvas and Leather Sandals by Chloe

I love the mixture of the canvas and leather in these sandals. The tan leather and the natural colour canvas just go together so well. And the cut out and heels:

Above: Back of Chloe sandals.

I love the darker brown heel on the shoe because it goes with the whole look while not being the same colour. I love the straps and how they can be tightened which solved my, "But how would they look on the foot?"" question.

Above: Chloe Sandals on model.

I would not wear the sandals with the outfit the model has on. They just stand out too much and I think this is one styling fail example. I am only using the photo to show that the sandals look great on the foot.

Oh, to have $650 dollars to spend on them at this moment.


Anonymous said...

I love the style of these sandals! I'm not sure if they would suit me but it would be fun to try them on and see. I agree they don't go with that outfit shown - I would probably wear them with a fairly short skirt, as I think they would look nicer with bare legs than under trousers. A simple short skirt and vest top so that the sandals were the focal point of the outfit.

WendyB said...

Ooh, those are fun.

SnapandPrint said...

They do look fun! I so wish I could find a cheaper, similar version and give them a try. I have been unsuccessful in this so far.

Rosanna said...

i've been lusting over these!!!

Marjorie said...

LOVE this post!!
Great blog :)
Stop by some time xx

SnapandPrint said...

Rosanna, I so agree...they are drool-worthy shoes.

Marjorie, Much thanks!