Thursday, February 04, 2010

Double Finger Rings I Covet Thee.

I am feeling the need to have one after seeing many featured on the fingers of photo subjects at The SF Style. The thing is finding them at an affordable price online since I have never seen any sold in stores here in Spokane. I have even tried Forever 21 to no avail.

I want a two finger ring like this:

Above: Geometric Two Finger Ring in Silver by Sunday's Best

Which is sleek and will not catch in clothing when I wear it.

Or like this:
Above: Knuckle Lover Stackable Ring In Silver by Jules Smith

Which is slim and looks like it may catch in clothing when I wear it because of the bar shape it has but, looks pretty cool on the hand.

Above: Knuckle Lover Ring on hand.

Or even something like this ring:

Above: Pyramid Double Knuckle Ring by Noir Jewelry

Which i like the style of and the way the stone is incorporated into the ring.

The problems is I see these sorts of rings NO WHERE in Spokane. They are not in stores, they are not on hands of people living here, they are just no where to be found. The ones online are pricey and even more so when you add tax & shipping to them.

I so want a two finger ring but, it is just impossible to find any here! Talk about frustration in fashion!

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