Friday, February 12, 2010

Found! Two-Finger Ring!

I grew tired of not finding a two-finger ring in stores locally. I really want one and made a post about this here. I have spent a few days looking around online for one that fit my very meager budget. Not an easy task since most the two-finger rings are over $100.

Today, I surfed onto Urban Outfitters' website after getting a "Spring Must-Haves" email in my inbox featuring a two-finger ring. I was excited because they had this two-finger ring style I had been looking for...and it was only $14!

I, of course, jumped at this offer and quickly purchased one in silver. I almost bought two for stacking but, reminded myself I had to see if I liked the ring first (and that it fit properly) before buying two.

I simply cannot wait to get it and try it out! I am so excited!


Anonymous said...

ooh i saw that ring too! i'd really like to know what it looks like in person please do a post :)

SnapandPrint said...

I will definitely be the hand model when I get it. I oks good. I so want one of thse two-finger rings.