Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snatched From The Museum.

I have fallen in love with this bag:

Above: Altair Suede Bag by Horse + Nail

It looks like it was taken form a museum exhibit on the Native Americans. It looks soft, is a great tan colour, and the fringe...I have much love for the fringe. The saddle looking hardware on the strap really is melded well into the design.

And the bag is VERY roomy as you can see by the sites digram to show size:

It's too bad that I would be paying museum prices for the bag to own it since it is $1,350.00!

It makes me wish I were in southern California right now so I could find something similar in the Old Town of San Diego for a cheaper price.

Still, it is a gorgeous bag and I will drool over it.

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