Saturday, February 20, 2010

Inspired By The Ancients.

I love jewelry and clothing that nods to the ancients. It makes it fun to incorporate the updated, ancient, fashion item into my everyday wardrobe. I have been really lucky the past year since there seems to be a lot of ancient themed fashion items to choose from. I have even written about this topic before but, am deciding to revisit it because I found some cool, ancient inspired, fashion items to share.

Above: Stride Beaded Toe Ring Sandals by Jeffrey Campbell

I love the sandal!They are very ancient Egyptian in feel and I would love to own them. It is a great update to a style that is thousands of years old and perfect for a woman who is into classics or likes things a little funky in style. They are only $90.00 but, that is a bit too much for me right now. I guess they will remain shoes I will drool over and never own. *sigh*

This ring:

Above: Aztec Ring by Low Lux x Erin Wasson

The history lover in me tells me that the Aztec hieroglyphs do not belong in an Egyptian cartouche but, the ring really is cool in my eyes. I love the ancient feel to it and would definitely wear it no matter how historically incorrect it is.

This cuff bracelet:

Above: Snake Hinged Cuff by Low Luv x Erin Wasson

Is very ancient in style and modern at the same time. I love how it looks almost skeletal in design until you look at it closer and see the snakes. It would be a very bold piece to wear and would really bring a bit of pop to an outfit.

Above: Crescent City Earrings in Silver at

A little known thing, I do not have my ears pierced, but if I did, I would wear the above earrings. They just have a beautiful, classic, style to them. I could see them on a person walking this earth thousands of years ago and that just seems so exciting to me. The braided design on them is beautiful and timeless.

And finally, this bangle set:

Above: Building Block Bangles in Silver at

I love the style of the bangles in this set and how you can wear them all together like in the above photo.

Or you can break the set up and wear them separately. Either way, definitely a great set with a nod to the ancients.

So, walk those museums, search those stores, check out those art fairs in your area, or wander online. There are many beautiful fashion items out there inspired by ancient designs begging to be worn by you. Give in to the ancients, they are a great reference for fashion ideas.

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