Sunday, February 07, 2010

I Cannot Get Over The Ugly Ruffle.

I am a shoes girl, I openly have admitted this over and over again in my blog. I like wacky or edgy shoes that most people would find "weird". Despite this, I cannot get over how ugly these shoes are:

Above: Armona Black Suede Ruffle Slingback Wedge by Classified

They just look, horrid no matter what colour they are in.

Above: Armona Red Suede Ruffle Slingback Wedge by Classified

I truly understand the concept of the shoe. That the ruffle is an embellishment to give the shoe a bit of "catch the eye" when they would otherwise be very plain. It just does not look quite right to me and when you see the embellishment on a flat sandal:

Above: Darling 48 Grey Suede Ruffle T-strap Sandal by Bamboo

It just looks even worse. It looks like you have ruffled hobbit feet. Just say no to ruffled hobbit feet.

I understand this style is very popular at the moment, especially in the wedge style. I am just not understanding why since they will quickly become dated in look and are not the best looking shoes, or the most interesting, out there. If you want to be daring with shoes, go full out daring and not "watered down ruffle" daring.

I just cannot get behind this style at all. It just screams "Walmart Chic". Yes, I will be passing on this footwear trend and drooling over shoes like these instead:

Above: Sassyfras Luggage Leather Big Buckle Platform by Chinese Laundry


Charles said...

for me, the ruffle shoes look like crumpled tissues. I've always hated them as well! thank god someone agrees :)

CMA said...

fabulous blog, love the shoes
keep it up
glad i stumbled across your blog
thanks for sharing as always


SnapandPrint said...

Charles, I see them as more "hair scrunchies on the feet" than tissue which makes it all the worse.

She's Dressing Up said...

Hmm, I don't hate them but I agree that there is something just not quite right about them! Strange!

SnapandPrint said...

She's Dressing Up,

They look like the sandals were decorated with scrunchies. That is what is so weird to me.

Instead of dressing them up, they are dressing them down. Not a good look.