Tuesday, February 02, 2010

My Alexander McQueen Love Continues.

I am so excited that LOST is airing the first episode of it's final season tonight that I can barely think straight! I have been waiting months for this and cannot wait to see the two-hour opener! *does a happy dance*

Okay, on to the fashion talk...

I saw these Alexander McQueen boots and really would like to see what they look like on the foot:

Above: Cutout Leather Ankle Boots by Alexander McQueen

They are simply hot! I would snap them up in a minute if I had $995 and they looked good on the foot.

I am curious about the last part because of the odd shape of the boot...it may make my legs look to thin since I am on the thin side in weight. I would not enjoy having the boots look like they are swimming on my feet.

Above: Back view of boots.

I am loving the zippered effect in the design and the skull zipper pull embellishment at the front:

Above: Close-up of zipper pull.

If I had the money to spend on these beauties, I would have to try them on to see how they looked before purchase. Sadly, the small city I live in does not offer this luxury. So, this leaves me curious...

Do Alexander McQueen shoes fit true to size?

I would like to know for future reference. Maybe someday I will be able to buy instead of just drool over boots like these.

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JT Paradox said...

Those are some fearsome looking peeptoe heels.

Alexander McQueen is one of my favourite designers. I like most everything he makes, and even if I don't like it--I find it interesting.

- JT