Thursday, February 18, 2010

Two-Ringer Ring From Urban Outfitters!

I was excited to see the package from Urban Outfitters arrived in my mailbox yesterday! Yes, I got my two-finger ring...and I love it!

Above: Double Finger Ring in Silver from Urban Outfitters on my hand.

The ring has just enough heft to it and it not overly big or too thin, two things I was seriously worried about. Also, it is not cheap looking which was another things i worried about.

It fits pretty true to size (I wear size 6) and the second hole is slightly bigger than the fitted one so no worries about the ring being too small for the second finger. It feels a bit weird at first since it limits the space between the two fingers but, I quickly got used to that.

My mum even suggested I gift her the ring in brass for her birthday this year because she liked how it looked.

I would definitely recommend the ring to others who want the two-finger ring look without the hefty price tag since this version is only $14.00 before tax. It is definitely worth the money spent.


Anonymous said...

ooh i love it!!!! so, getting one at the mall this weekend :D

SnapandPrint said...

It's so worth finding and buying! I was impresed that it was so cool looking yet so inexpensive.

Flora said...

thanks so much! been looking for a ring just like this and was about to pay $60 for one!

SnapandPrint said...


$60 isn't bad for a two finger ring. I have seen them going for $100 plus and had a hard time finding them for less than that. I lucked out with the UO one. I hope they haven't sold out.