Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Building The Outfit For The Bag

I haven't done a "put together and outfit" post in a while and was inspired by this bag:

Above: Altair Suede Bag by Horse + Nail

Which I pronounced my love for a few days back. I started to think about what I would wear with it as an outfit and got a nude/gold vibe so, started building the outfit to go with the purse.

I saw these pants:

Above: Olivia Wide Waist Band Pants by Alice + Olivia

The were the perfect base for my outfit and it looks like other people loved them too since they quickly sold out at the website. They are the perfect gold/nude colour and have a slight shimmer to them.

I then thought, "I need a solid top and white is the perfect shade to offset all the nude and gold." And I found this top which is perfect:

Above: Tripoli Tunic in White at

It just clings to the right curves and is slightly over-sized which goes great with the pants and the bag.

Then I thought about the shoes and decided to go reptile print with these sandals:

Above: Utopia Tan Python And Rope Me Up Platform Wedges by Soda

The tan of the python print and the rope on the wedge heels really tie in to the rest of the outfit. They also look comfortable and would just peek out of the flares of the pants.

That left me with accessories since jewelry and sunglasses are needed to complete the outfit. I am thinking forward to spring so not bothering with a coat.

I loved this necklace:

Above: Brass Feather and Skull Pendant by Alexander McQueen

The feather design of the pendant ties in with the "Native America" feel of the bag. It also would go well with the tunic since it would not get lost in the draping.

I also think this ring would be cool to wear without any bracelet drawing attention away from it:

Above: Wire Ring in Gold by Citrine by the Stones

It may bit a tad bit too gold in tone but it really is simple, yet modern and would not attract too much attention, only just enough to meld with the rest of the outfit.

And, finally, the sunglasses to keep the sun from causing squinty eyes when out and about:

I love the frames so much on these sunglasses and it looks like they were popular as well since they are sold out at the website.

All of these things make up an outfit I would definitely wear and that would go with the bag while not clashing with it. I like doing these "putting together an outfit" posts...I should do them more often.


Anonymous said...

ooh i love those pants! and i love all leaf & feather jewelry (for the most part) so I'm very keen on the necklace as well :)
cool outfit!

SnapandPrint said...


I got my two-finger ring and will be making a post about it soon...keep an eye out!