Thursday, December 11, 2008

Back Up Dress!!!!!!

I ordered a backup dress for NYE.

Yes, I am hating the way the other looks on me so much I am one click away from returning it and getting a refund.

Back-up Dress:

Above: Kiss Me At Midnight Dress in Black at Lulu's Fashion Lounge

It is cheaper, $51.50, and less fitted but it is also a bit more "fun" and shorter. I can wear my kick-ass heeled boots with it and my sparkly tights.

Above: Back view of dress.

I will see how this one fits and if it fits well then the other dress is for sure being sent back for refund.

Yes, I am not liking the dress I have now THAT much.

I hope this dress fits right and that I don't feel 100 years old in it.

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