Saturday, December 20, 2008

Now Way...No Way In Hell.

This post will have nothing to do with fashion. It will deal with my shock at how some toys are so rare and popular they are outrageously priced at auction on Ebay.

My mum decided that she MUST have this for Christmas yesterday:

Above: The Tale of Despereaux Plush Mouse at F.A.O. Swartz

"Aww how cute!", you say.

"It's only $26.25?", you say.

"Oh no it's sold out everywhere!", you say after a bit of searching.

"I will try Ebay!", you say.

Then you see people are selling them for $120 plus on Ebay. $120+ for a 8 inch plush mouse! No f-ing way I am paying that much for a 8 inch stuffed mouse!

Turns out that this plushie is one of the hot, "must have", items of this Christmas and they didn't produce a lot of them so it is rare, rare, rare .

Looks like mum won't be getting what she wants this Christmas because there in no way in hell I am paying a high price for a plushie mouse that was originally $26.25!


WendyB said...

That's a mouse-rage!

SnapandPrint said...

No doubt!

She would want one of the hard to find popular toys of the season.