Monday, December 01, 2008

Ordered The NYE Dress!!!!

I am getting this dress for NYE:

Above: black ruched v-neck dress by Tadashi

Yes, it is simple and not funky but I can glitz it up with accessories. I also have the necklace, clutch purse, and heeled boots to go with it.

Above: The back of the dress.

It is jersey knit so won't kill me in over-heating as I go from crowded room to outdoors. It has ruching which I like because it adds some pattern to the dress. It has a bit of stretch to it which is also important to me. The best part? It only cost me $152.44 because was having a HUGE sale today.

I just need to get some tights/hose with a bit of sparkle to them to match the clutch purse. I also need to decide on bracelet and rings for the outfit which I have PLENTY of already.

So, I am a little sad it isn't funkier but all the really cool funky dresses were way out of my price range. This dress has class and is form fitting which I wanted in a dress anyway. It is also dressy enough to go to parties in without being over the top in shiny or sequined stuff.

So NYE dress search mission accomplished!


Sebastyne said...

Oh I love it! AND I love jersey as a material. I wore a black jersey dress this last week, that I made 10 years ago, and it still looks brand spanking new, and it's not for lack of wearing it. Not that that would be necessarily required for a dress, but I like them lasting long, as some of them look totally used after the first wash.

As for the style, I love the cut and length of the sleeves and hem, very quirky in a way. It's not usual style, but still classic. And you could wear a very impressive necklace if you wanted to. :) Good pick!

SnapandPrint said...

I like how it is classic, has slight quirkiness to it, and is dressy but not over-the-top dressy!

It is cut well, will last a long time, and WON'T wrinkle in a suitcase!

I am glad I found it even if it isn't as funky as my usual choices.

WendyB said...

I know a necklace that would look great with that ;-)

SnapandPrint said...

Which one did you have in mind?

I am curious to see which one you would pair with it.

Sebastyne said...

I hope you end up on the other side of the camera as well during new years, I'm dying to see it on you!

naya said...

It looks really good!!! :)