Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Reverse Label Snobbery.

I am always amused and annoyed by people who fall into the "reverse snob" category.

You know...the people who hate brand names and look down on people who buy brand names. The ones who are all "anti-consumerism" to the extreme and go all preachy on you when you step foot into Starbucks. The people who would rather wear holey, falling apart, clothing than "participate in aiding corporate greed" by buying new clothing that doesn't fall apart in a month.

Yeah those people.

I ran into one yesterday who was HORRIFIED I bought a "designer" dress for NYE, gave me a long preachy rant about how I was contributing to "corporate greed" so was just as bad as the evil label making people, and now is looking down on me like they claim rich people look down on "normal people".

I bought the dress because I wanted something that was nice, would last longer than one wearing, and well, I like fashion.

There is a lot of thought and creativity put into the design of an item of clothing/jewelry/shoes/purse. In a way you are wearing a work of art...even if you buy clothes from Target or some other mass retailer because that item of clothing started out as a thought in some designer's head somewhere up the fashion ladder before it was mass produced.

People who look down on fashion designers or labels are doing the same thing as people who accuse any band who gets a record deal as "selling out" or hating people who finally "make it in the movies" because now they are "full of themselves and rich for doing hardly any work".

Heck, if you really think about it they are doing the same thing as a rich person so full of themselves that they treat all people who don't have money as servants, lazy, or not relevant to the world.

I ran into one of those "labels are evil" people yesterday and they attempted to try and take away my fun at making a purchase from a minor designer of fashion.

You know...it's rather sad and pathetic that people like this exist because it is reverse snobbery.

And you know...I am far from rich but I know how to shop the sales and I am not afraid to buy labels if I want something that will last years instead of just minutes into the first wearing.

So they can kiss my Tiffany & Co. bracelet-ed (it was gifted to me), Tadashi dress for NYE wearing, Jean Paul Gaultier Ma Dame perfume wearing, ass!


Sebastyne said...

Yes, indeed. Those are the same people who are snobbish about being philosophers, but still rely on that scarf around their necks to tell everyone how truly superior they are. I am anti-brand to some extend, I refuse to pay for brand if I can get a similar piece of clothing for less. However, if I do love something, I don't care what it costs - if I have the money that is - I'll buy it. Designer or not, if I like it, I'll wear it.

SnapandPrint said...

Exactly..if you like it, have the money, and cannot find similar for cheaper in as good as quality...buy it.

People who are anti-consumerism to the extreme of shunning people who are (in their eyes) "coporate whores" because they even step foot in a store like Starbucks or buy a pair of Prada boots on sale, really are silly.

I am not knocking looking for a good quality knock-off or supporting a independantly owned store. Heck I even thrift buy when given the chance because you can get some great deals that way.

It's just the people who do the total reverse snobbery about labels that make me want to punch them out as they try to rain on your parade of finding the perfect dress and cast you as bad for buying designer labels. Those people make me think,

"Sit down and STFU".