Friday, December 12, 2008

Now That I Have Found A Dress....

Now that I have found a dress for NYE all the sites have cute dresses on them! Doesn't it always work that way?

They have cute "little black dresses" like these:

Above: Audrey Dress (Black) by Charlotte Ronson

I love how it sparkles....and the length is nice as well.

Above: Zig Zag Sequin Tube Mini Dress (Black) By Glam

Just the right amount of sequins on this dress and with a strapless bra it would be great!

Both are fun and perfect for parties on NYE.

And then there are these that are not "little black dresses" and casual but cool:

Above: Modern Vogue Dress in Eggplant by Aryn K

Which I love the folded ruffles of and also comes in cream:

Above: Modern Vogue Dress in Cream by Aryn K

For a wrap dress with loose fit:

Above: Fingerprint Wrap Around Dress in Yellow at Lulu's Fashion Lounge

I love the bright colour and the print on that yellow dress. It almost looks kimono-like.

Above: Siren's Net Wrap Around Dress in Blue/Grey at Lulu's Fashion Lounge

Which is similar in style to the yellow dress but different in colour and pattern.

And finally:

Above: Songbird Dress in Warm Ash at Lulu's Fashion Lounge.

Which has a sheen to it and could be glitzed up easily.

Of course, I only find dresses I may wear, and won't break the bank, AFTER I order the black one that didn't suit me and the one that is on the way to me as back-up.

Life always seems to work that way for me.

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