Sunday, December 07, 2008

Christmas Shopping Done!

I went out and Christmas shopped until I had purchased all my Christmas gifts to family members. Not an easy task when your dad and brothers have a HUGE list of what they do not want and little that they would want.

I did have a "moment in heaven" in Macy's when I wandered through the Handbag department and imagined what I would buy if I had "all the money in the world". I felt like Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City. Like Carrie, I have a huge love for shoes and handbags...and am always tempted to buy them when out shopping. Yesterday was no exception to this. I managed to not buy any shoes or purses which I am quite proud of.

I did, however, buy socks and a pair of winter tights at Macy's and 6 pairs of PINK underwear at Victoria's Secret (Hey, they had a free 6th pantie offer...I had to go for it). PINK is my favorite style of underwear because it is so comfortable and Victoria's Secret always has the "5 for $25" deal going on. One can never have too many pairs of underwear since they wear out rather rapidly due to constant wear.

Still I was really good and just bought gifts for family members. I was tempted to buy more for myself but managed to talk myself out of shoes, handbags, and other tempting things...including another bottle of Ma Dame perfume by Jean Paul Gaultier. I told myself I would wait and see what was gifted to me over the holidays and then buy what I still wanted afterward if I hadn't gotten it from family members.

I hope that every one's Christmas shopping is going well. Me, I am glad mine is done!

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Vago Dish said...

Oh the x-mas lists, and I too have handled that aspect with grace I hope... LOL

That sounds like a good idea, I should wait to purchase other things I want until after I open whatever will be for me....

thank you....