Saturday, December 20, 2008

Long, Pretty, and Dangly.

I was wandering around my stylefeed tonight, looking at older items I have added in the past few months, and came across these two necklaces that still catch my eye.

This one:

Above: Shimmering Glass Pendant Necklace by Aris Geldis

Has a very 1920s/30s feel to it. I love the multi-colour stripes in the glass fans and how it is tri-leveled. I would so buy it but I am not into paying $304.00 (before tax) for a necklace.

Maybe if I was rich I would splurge and buy it for myself because I can think of so many outfits I could wear it with.

This one:

Above: Pico & Salsa Ball Necklace at

Is exactly like a necklace I almost bought when I was in Old Town, San Diego the last time I was in Southern California. I KNEW I should have bought it.

You can wear it long like in the above photo or double it up:

Above: Doubled up style.

And it also comes in many colours:

Above: Orange, Clear, Multicolour, Brown, Red

Above: Turquoise, Natural, Green, Yellow

As well as Black which they don't seem to have shown in the photos.

I love the Multicolour the best:

It is many shades of brown and really looks great against black clothing. I just love how the necklace is made up of beads and knotted to make the bigger "balls" on the necklace. It's so pretty.

I have actually asked for this necklace for my birthday because $20.00 is not a bad price and I really want it...and should have gotten the one I saw in Old Town.


Kati said...

Being into long necklaces myself, guess what?! I have the black one! The shop had it in red too in the summer...I'll go back and see whether they still have it, or anything similar and send it with the cds.

SnapandPrint said...

Oh! you don't have to do that!

I hope they are not expensive?

Kati said...

Well it was about say 700-800 forints, so maybe 3-4 dollar so :)

SnapandPrint said...

Thanks Kati! You rock!