Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Back- Up NYE Dress.....

I am sure you all remember my dramas in finding a NYE dress. Well...they continue.

I got this back-up dress and well...it is too boxy on me and the ruffle along the neckline makes me look flat in the chest area...even when I wear a push-up bra. The material is paper thin and my mum suggested wearing a slip under it but that would make me have even less of a shape as it bulks up the material.

Yes, colour me not happy. It's too late for me to get another dress so I am stuck with this one as the other one is going back for refund...it's just way too "Granny" on me.

So, I am not feeling the dress...which takes a TON of wind out of my sails about NYE and other things have dampened my excitement of coming to NYC.

I am just not feeling excited anymore.

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