Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bright Star: See It!

This is a movie recommendation post on my fashion blog because I just am in love with the movie Bright Star at the moment. I want to wrap myself in the film and live in a world that has this film replaying over and over until I tire of it.

The Bright Star is the love story between John Keats (the poet) and Fanny Brawne. It is beautiful, tragic, and well-acted. Ben Whishaw was very excellent as Keats in this film...he can act with his eyes which I always enjoy with actors. It gives their acting more depth. It was beautiful in cinematography and soundtrack. It just thrilled my soul so much.

I am a sucker for a historical, tragic, love story. This film fits the bill so well.

The movie also made me want to understand poetry better. I have always written poetry and had people like what I wrote. I have just had a hard time making a personal connection to poetry that others write. I so want to swim in the beauty of poetry, but just haven't been able to do that. I have taken English classes with poetry sections and still never understood it. But, then having a teacher telling you what you are suppose to see in poetry isn't very helpful at all because they are merely telling you what they see. I see poetry as like perfume...everyone has different tastes and gets different feelings from it.  I think because of this, what may be seen as beautiful to one person in words, is just rubbish to another. It makes it extra hard to connect with poetry. 

Writing poetry is easier for me. It has a connection to me then because it is coming from my mind and my feelings. I suppose it is like that for many people. I envy the people that can see the beauty in poetry...can speak the poetic language, so see the meanings in almost any poetry they pick up. I would love to be like that.

I have decided to try and understand poetry a little. I have ordered John Keats' complete poems and letters so that I can explore his poetry a little since I have the movie to connect it to. Most his great poems were written about Fanny Brawne so, having their letters to one another (which is in one of the two books I ordered) will be interesting to read. A bit voyeuristic, but interesting. I cannot wait to receive them.

And going back to the movie Bright Star...I highly recommend it because it is beautiful, tragic, and well done. It seems a tiny bit abrupt at the beginning but, as it unfolds it makes sense. Definitely watch it if you can.

And one of my favorite sections from the film:

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