Saturday, January 23, 2010

Product Review- Opi Nailpolish

I have become a avid fan of OPI Nail Polish. Why you may ask?

Above: Matte Domestic Goddess by OPI for Sephora

The number one reason I love OPI nail polish is that as it dries it doesn't bubble up like a lot of brands do. Many brands claim that they dry fast but drying fast means you get those trapped air bubbles in the polish that leave the polish looking all lumpy. I HATE that. I want my manicure to look smooth and as minus bubbles as possible.

I decided to give OPI a try when they partnered with Sephora. They had so many great colours to choose from that I had to buy a bottle or two and see how the polish performed.

Above: Leaf Him At The Altar by OPI for Sephora

I was so impressed at how fast it dried and how bubble free the polish was! The colours also dry pretty true to bottle colour (maybe just a shade darker) and the colours do not fade with wear. I quickly went out and bought many more colours form the brand and have yet to be disappointed.

Above: Dark Room by OPI for Sephora

I have my favorite colours of course. The main one being Metro Chic which is a really pretty grey with a slight purple tinge to it:

Above: Metro Chic by OPI for Sephora

Metro Chic has become my "got to" polish colour because it is a shade of grey that is on pair with reds in intensity. I know that sounds weird but if you hold the grey of Metro Chic up with a red polish next to it...they have the same intensity of shade. This makes it so Metro Chic isn't as eye catching as black but, still catches the eye. For this reason, I love it.

I am also loving that OPI for Sephora offers a few shades in Matte. The lack of shine on my nails is nice from time to time. I, of course, bought Metro Chic in Matte as well as regular formula.

Sephora also has a gift set at the moment on its website that includes Metro Chic (grey with a purple tinge), Domestic Goddess (a bright lavender purple), and A True Romantic (a pale pink):

Above: Nail Colour Gift Set by OPI for Sephora

It's a great way to try out the brand with some of the pastel colours. Single bottles of the nail polish will run you about $10. You can also find OPI polishes at beauty supply stores though the colour offerings are very different because the colours you get at Sephora are made just for that store. At the beauty supply stores, the polishes will run you about $9.

OPI nail polish is a bit more expensive than drug store polishes but I have started to only buy it because it is so bubble free and has so many different colours. I figure a little more money is worth it for such great performing nail polish.

So, if you are tired of bubbly, slow drying, polish, give OPI nail polish a try. I highly recommend the brand!


Erica said...

love those colors!


SnapandPrint said...

I love the colours that OPI offers. It is a great, cheaper, brand!

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