Wednesday, January 06, 2010

PUMA Website Failure!

I received the PUMA shoes I was drooling over for months and ordered with my Christmas money today.

They were 4 sizes too small! I had distinctly ordered size 8.5 and they came to my house in size 5.5! Huge difference in size and they look like kids shoes next to my feet! How does one misread an order as 5.5 from a 8.5? I am baffled!

I am going to send them back and I called customer service on it after seeing the shoes are not even on the site anymore. Yeah, I really want these shoes! The customer service representative said that they are "out of stock", but not "out of production" so I should check back because they should be back in stock in 30 days. Likely story...I have heard that song and dance  before and it usually means that I am out of luck. *sigh*

I checked as my brother suggested and they have the style, but not the colour combo I want! They were even cheaper on the site because they were on sale which leads me to believe they are discontinuing the colour. Drat!!!

There is a very slim hope I will still get them because the style is "classic" but the colours may be different as they switch to new spring styles.

A friend said the same thing happened with the same exact site and shoe to her brother's wife-to-be so, I am not the only one who has had the issue with the Puma site getting sizes wrong. Doesn't change my annoyance with the situation however.

I am VERY pissed off at because I did enter 8.5 in the website shopping cart and they are the ones that f-ed up! If it does come back in (and I decide to order from the same site) it will definitely be by phone!

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