Sunday, January 03, 2010

My Favorite Perfume?

Finding just the right scent can be a hard task. Perfume smells different on each person and what may smell good on one person, can smell awful on the next. That is why it is always fun to "play around" with the perfume scent strips inserted in fashion magazines and at the fragrance counters in department stores or Sephora stores.

I have found many scents I like, and that smell good on me, and like to shuffle them around according to my mood. It keeps life interesting smelling for me. My "go to" fragrance that I wear most often?

Above: Ma Dame by Jean Paul Gaultier

I discovered this fragrance last year (2008) and have grown to love it because it smells great on me. It sinks into my skin and is just very subtle on me. I love the mixture of Orange Zest, Sparkling Rose, Musk, and Cedar Wood that is blended to make this fragrance. It smells heavenly on me and isn't over-powering.

Ma Dame is a tricky scent, however, as you can see by the many negative reviews peppered amongst the positive at It either smells good on you or you think it smells like household cleaner on you. There is no middle ground for this perfume when it comes to how it smells on people. Which is why when you find a perfume on a scent strip from magazine that you like, you should then try it out at the store on your wrist. It saves you from buying a fragrance that may smell great on someone else, but awful on you.

So, find a perfume you like the scent of in a magazine or smell on someone else...and head to the store to try it out on you. Scent is extremely personal and you have to actually try the perfume on to see if it smells as good on you as in that magazine or on that fashionable lady who was wearing it. It will save you disappointment in spending a lot of money on a perfume and not liking how it smells on you.


Arlene Chase said...

By using the scents that come in fashion magazines, you can then get the best womens fragrance you want on line for much cheaper prices.

SnapandPrint said...

I would still head to the store and try the scent on to see if it truly smells good on you in liquid form. Body chemistry can change the smell of the scent on different people and the strips in magazines don't always help in determining that.

Once you find the scent that does smell good on you after spritzing it on your wrist, by all means look for the perfume online and buy it cheaper if possible!

I just would not totally bypass the spritzing the actually perfume on your wrist as a test to see if it smells good on you. That way you don't buy the scent and have it not work out for you just based on the "strip of paper" from the magazine.