Monday, January 04, 2010

Incoming Christmas Gifts!

My mail held a package from Dana in Germany today. A Christmas package that included chocolate candies, cookies, and these gorgeous wooden bangles:

I was so excited to see them and try the on. Why? I find it so hard to find bangles that fit my arm in the US while not being overly large. I have thin wrists so usually bangles are just way too large and slid right off at bad when I am taking off a coat or fling my arm out to point at something.

They fit the arm well...even if the angle for the photo wasn't the best you can get the idea on this photos.

I am loving the warm colour of the wood that was used in the bangles. It goes well with my most used handbag which is a plus. I can see myself wearing these bangles with my coconut wood ring and a really nice turquoise stone necklace I own.

Now, if I could just have somewhere to go wearing these, I would be so happy.

Thanks Dana! xxx

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