Sunday, January 24, 2010

Out To Dinner with Friends or a Casual Shopping Trip?

I haven't done a post putting together and outfit I would wear in ages. It's about time for me to change this.

I came across this dress:

Above: Chain-mail jersey dress by Balmain

I really love it and think it would be great with these boots:

Above: Leather wedge ankle boots by Rick Owens

And then add some nude colour tights or thicker pantyhose (Yes, I said pantyhose. With this outfit they would work.) with a nice sheen to them. 

Then carry this purse to add a splash of colour to the outfit:

Above: Bow-detail leather tote by Valentino

I think that the outfit calls for not over-doing it with jewelry so would keep it simple and maybe just wear a bold, silver, ring like this one:

Above: Asteria Warrior Ring at

Complete outfit, minus jacket of course. I would definitely wear that all together because I like bold, but sleek, outfits. It would be great to wear out to an casual dinner with friends or out to a martini bar meet-up.

Of course, it is fun when a website puts an outfit together to show off clothing and I agree with their choice like this one at Net-A-Porter:

Above: Net-A-Porter's way of showing off a crew-neck cashmere sweater by Rick Owens

I could definitely see myself wear that whole outfit to run around town on a casual day of shopping. It has that laid-back, California, vibe to it that my casual clothing has. 

I like both outfits and would definitely wear both of them.

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