Monday, January 25, 2010

But, But, But, It's For OLD People!: Unusual clothing catalogs.

I am sure that many people have opened their mailboxes to those clothing catalogs that seem skewed toward old people. Maybe you have reached 30 or have an older parent living with you. The clothes in the catalogs can be, well, old the clothing on old people on cruise ships. Still you can find interesting fashion within the pages of the catalog.

Don't believe me? Well, let's look and see what I have found in Travelsmith catalog today.

Above: Classic Belted Trench in Limeade at

This trench is very similar to the one found at that I wrote about here. The belt on this trench by Travelsmith I like a lot more though the colour is not as bold. It also seems to be more form fitting which I really love. The really cool thing? The Travelsmith version is on sale for $99.00 as compared to $138.00 at

Above: Voyager Belted Print Shirtdress at Travelsmith

I love the print on this shirtdress and the length. The fabric is lightweight and sheds wrinkles quickly once you unpack it from a suitcase. It would be great for a fashionista who travels a lot and likes to dress casual, but not too casual, when out and about. It's only $79.99 as well which is a great price!

Above: Houndstooth Wrinkle-Free Scarf at Travelsmith

Great colours and design to this scarf! It is also wrinkle-free, like most of the clothing from this site since it is geared for travelers. Definitely would add a bit of colour to a winter wardrobe and it is only $34.00.

Above: Rockport Leather Boots at Travelsmith

These leather boots are slightly funky in style while being very comfortable since they are made for walking around while traveling. This means they have insoles and cushioned foot-bed to keep your feet form getting tired while walking around in them. I love the side-zipper and always seem to gravitate to side-zip boots because it makes them so easy to put on, and take off. They are a little pricer at $179.00 but if they are comfortable they are worth it.

There are many shoes in this catalog but, the above are my favorites! They have that funky, indie, sort of feel to the style and come in three colours: Red, Black, and Beige. They also have foam insoles to be comfortable for the walking around while traveling or during your everyday. They would look great with a wrap dress or skirt. I would definitely wear them because they would look so good on the foot. They are $89.00 and I am sure, worth every penny.

These are just some of the hidden gems in the Travelsmith catalog that came in the mail. I am glad I too a peek in between the covers and didn't just toss it out. Next time you receive a catalog that seems to have mainly "Old people's clothing" take a look and see if you can find any hidden fashion finds within before tossing it into the recycle bin..


She's Dressing Up said...

I love the printed shirt-dress!

SnapandPrint said...

I was quite surprised that some of this unusual catalogs hold some interesting fashion items. The shirtdress is definitely one of them!

WendyB said...

Nice picks! I'm always annoyed by getting the dowdy version of the Neiman Marcus catalog. I'm like, "Why don't I get the designer one, dammit?"

SnapandPrint said...

You get the regular Neiman Marcus catalog? I don't even get that!

My mum gets lots of weird catalogs so I tend to leaf through them. The Travelsmith one was the latest one.