Saturday, January 02, 2010

I Am Not A Mad Man Clothing Lover.

I was thinking yesterday about a time period that would be ill-suited to me when it comes to style and body shape. I settled on one that seems to be the rage amongst some of the fashion subculture at the moment.

Early 60's, "Mad Men", chic:

I am 5'9", 124 pounds (soaking wet), small busted, not huge in the butt department, and have hips but not the size required to carry off the skirts. If I were to dress like the above, I would look awkward and fussy. Like I was dressed up in a costume and the costume was wearing me, instead of the other way around.

I admire the style and the women who can carry it off but, it just isn't me or right for my frame. So, I pass on the fad and the clothing that goes with it. Which is too bad because has a HUGE amount of clothing that could have stepped form the time period at it's site right now.

I am more a 1970s inspired of fashion wearer if I must choose an era. The bell bottoms, the halter tops, the huge glasses, the tight fitting v-neck/scoop neck t-shirts, the wedge sandals, the halter dresses, the trench coats, the tall boots, the suede, the hobo bags, the turquoise jewelry,  ect.  Plus you had punk rock creeping into the subculture then with all it's wild styles which I sampled in my teens/early 20s. With my height and slimness the 70s suit me as a clothing era and I look like I am wearing the clothing instead of the clothing wearing me. I suppose it makes sense since it was the era I was born in.

That explains my constantly posting about clothing that could easily have been in the 1970s. I just post what appeals to me and 70s inspired style/fashion does.

What fashion era do you know would not suit your body-type?


WendyB said...

I'm not convinced it wouldn't look good on you.s

SnapandPrint said...

I have tried on Mad man-esque dresses and they look like I am too fussy and wearing a strange costume. I don't have the body for them and just don't like how the clothing looks on me. My body is too slim, stream-lined, small breasted, for the look.

I look good in 70s and 1920's era clothing for some reason...but early 60's? I just look like strange extra from a film that doesn't belong. :)