Monday, January 11, 2010

I Was Ahead In The Game Again!

I was wandering the Internet and came across so many versions of this sandal style:

Above: Opal Wedge Sandal in Black by Diane Von Furstenberg

I smiled because I  had bought a pair very similar (minus the back zip) in style in January 2009 at H&M while in NYC!

The pair I own:

Above: My H&M sandals bought in Jan. 2009

I was ahead of the fashion game when I purchased these sandals and didn't even know it!

Mine have a buckle instead of a zip closure but, they are essentially the same style. When I bought them I thought them a bit unique because they are platform and I wasn't seeing this style everywhere. Plus they were only $19.99 on sale so I snapped them up. Now, almost every designer (including Diane Von Furstenberg) has a pair that are similar in their collection for Spring 2010.

It always amuses me when I am ahead of the fashion herd in purchases I make and it seems to have happened again.


Aya Smith said...

These are amazing! I can just picture them with a great 60's mini dress... at least that;s what I would wear with them, haha :))

♥ Aya

SnapandPrint said...

I wear mine with my super flared jeans. I am more of a 70's updated clothes wearer. :)