Thursday, January 07, 2010

Island Scented In Winter: Philosophy Coconut Frosting.

I discovered Sephora in 2001 when I was living in San Diego. It quickly became my favorite cosmetics/skin-card store and I shopped there often while living n that city. Then I moved to Spokane which doesn't have a Sephora store unless you count the dinky corner area in the JcPenney store that opened this past year. I don't because they don't carry half the stuff I love in the Sephora stores.

I now either have to wait for trips to Seattle where there are quite a few Sephora stores or shop the store online. The later is very easy because Sephora has one of the best websites to shop from. Easy to navigate, wide selection of product, email notification if product is out of stock for when it will be in stock, samples included in orders, and quick shipping. I am shopping the site quite often to buy products that just are not available locally. This includes Philosophy products because I fell in love with their ultra rich, 3-in-one, shower gel/bubble bath/shampoo products when I was living in San Diego.

I usually buy the product in Senorita Margarita scent (and have tried the Strawberry Milkshake scent as well) but, this Christmas I asked for the product in Coconut Frosting scent due to my love of tropical fruits. It showed up under the tree as a gift from my mum.

Above: Ultra Rich 3-In-one Shampoo,Shower Gel, Bubble Bath by Philosophy

I love the richness of the product and how it doesn't dry out the skin. That is very important when you live in a dry climate like I do where you walk around all winter shocking yourself on metal objects, with skin screaming for moisture constantly. I love how it is great for traveling because you can cut out the bringing of shampoo in your luggage. That is always a good thing: to have one less product to pack.

I admit to being on the fence on the Coconut Frosting scent. It seems a bit weak to me, more sugary than coconut. I would have preferred the coconut scent be more pronounced in the product since I love tropical scents and sort of expect the scent to be stronger because of this. I think that I will go back to buying the margarita scented version because I am preferring that...or I may try a whole new scent for fun. I will save the coconut for their wonderful lip glosses.

If you haven't tried Philosophy products, I do highly recommend them. They have wonderful scents and add moisture, instead of dry out, the skin. Check out the Philosophy site online or head to your nearest Sephora store (or shop it online) to find the brand. Their products come in many wonderful scents and worth the price.


ms Givens said...

Their website is great!

SnapandPrint said...

The website is well set up isn't it? I love to go there.