Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Three Colours of Spring.

I guess that, truthfully, it is one colour and two neutral shades but, neutral shades are colours in my mind so I will refer to them as that. Fuchsia, taupe, and nude. These seem to be the colours that I am seeing everywhere this spring.


Above: Cashmere-blend plunge-back dress by Azzaro

With fuchsia, designers are using many different colour names to describe it. I wrote more about this colour at stylefeeder's The Tastemaker Diaries so check that out.

I am liking the fuchsia trend after the coral trend of last spring. Coral does not look good on everyone and it made me look jaundiced so I avoided that colour like the plague last year. Fuchsia is much prettier to my eye as well.


Above: Tulle and georgette drape dress by Donna Karan

Nude items seems to be as plentiful in the stores as fuchsia. If anyone was watching the Golden Globes, a huge number of the celebrity women were wearing nude coloured gowns at that event. Yes, nude seems to be a neutral that is all over this spring.

Nude is not a favorite of mine because it tends to wash out many people when they wear it. I choose to wear it in small amounts and not as a head to toe look. If you are blonde of a certain hair shade, it will wash you out completely so be aware it is not a colour trend that suits everyone.


 Above: Leather gladiator sandals by Miu Miu

Taupe is showing up in clothing, shoes, handbags, and even nail polish. It is a lot more widely wearable than nude since it closely resembles grey. Definitely a great neutral shade and I would snap it up in accessories, especially shoes, handbags, and nail polish!

Whatever spring colour you choose, have fun with it and enjoy the fashion offerings coming to you this spring!

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